A lot of people neglect the routine maintenance that their vehicle needs when they receive a reminder about this service. It’s easy to put vehicle maintenance on the back burner when so many of us are busy with our daily lives. It’s very beneficial that we go ahead and make these appointments. Without something as simple as an oil change or inspection, our vehicles could end up breaking down with major problems down the line. This routine maintenance is designed to catch problems before they occur. In many cases, this maintenance can prevent problems as well.

Oil Changes

An oil change is an important service that we provide at Key Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lebanon in Lebanon, NH. Changing out your engine’s old oil and oil filter with new materials will help keep your engine running smoothly around Claremont, NH. You want to get that old oil out of your vehicle, so particulates don’t end up damaging your engine and other parts of the automobile. It’s a very affordable and fast job, but it’s worth the time you spend waiting for it to be completed.

Routine Inspections

Hanover, NH requires an annual inspection in order for a vehicle to be legally driven on the road. This is also a very important process that looks at many different parts of your automobile. If anything looks like it needs some work, you’ll be notified immediately. You can choose to have the work done at that point. You can also schedule an appointment for the near future. These repairs tend to be very affordable when compared to the major problems that could end up happening if you neglect the service.

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If you’re in Newport, NH or Springfield, VT and would like to inquire about routine maintenance and an inspection for your vehicle, please give us a call at your earliest convenience. We service Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles, but we’re happy and qualified to help with other models as well. If you aren't sure what kind of maintenance your vehicle needs, we can help get you on a convenient and beneficial maintenance schedule that will benefit your automobile. Contact us to learn more about our service center and specials today.

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