With winter's seasonal demise, our vehicles have borne the brunt of weathering here in the Lebanon, Claremont, Hanover, Newport, NH, Springfield, VT, area. Now, it's time to get things in order with summer fast approaching. With simple steps, you can get your vehicle the attention it deserves after just a cursory inspection of those vital elements to safe driving.

Spring Means Rain

Indeed, your car must be readied for a springtime that will be rife with rain and downpours. Heading off distractions prior to is easily mitigated:

  • If you've noticed streaks left behind by your wiper blades, this demands the need of new blades.
  • Headlights and taillamps should be emitting the proper amount of light for when caught in torrents of rain. As well, inspection of lamps fore and aft should note casing or housing issues that may cause connections and fittings therein to short out.
  • Inspecting your tire treads for cracking or creasing along the tread circumference, and tread channel depth and wear will help ensure safe spring driving. Such tire integrity will prove invaluable when greeted by standing water or slippery road conditions.

Key Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lebanon, NH, Will Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Our service professionals know how to bring your vehicle up to the safety standard desired.

So, make a service appointment or visit our area service center today.

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