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Alex MacKay
General Manager
603 448-8200

If you ask Alex what time it is, he will explain how a watch works. Although he is at the top of many 'Phone a Friend' lists for gameshow contestants, does anyone really need to know which two presidents died exactly 50 years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  In case you are curious.


Airebella is 12 years old and takes work very seriously. She is semi retired but still likes to come in from time to time. She can make an appearance upon request.  She loves swimming, squirrels and suppertime. She has a mom, a cousin, a boy, two cats and four chickens at home.

Parker Minahan
Sales Manager
603 448-8200

Parker is a seasoned veteran with years of experience helping people finding the perfect vehicle. Parker enjoys Quidditch and LARPing. He also collects commemorative spoons.


Sales and Leasing

Abigail Perham
Sales ASssociate
603 448-8200 ext 644

Abigail is new to the business but not to making dreams come true. The three words that best describe Abigail are: Football, Hunting and Dance Dance Revolution.

Madeline Neilsen
Delivery Specialist
603 448-8200

Madeline doesn't like brussel sprouts.

Robert "Weekend Rob" Chartier
Delivery Specialist

Rob has no known background and refused any and all questioning. When asked why he is called "Weekend Rob", his answer was, That is all the Rob anyone needs".

Natalie Yoder
Sales Associate
603 448-8200 ext 647

Natalie is a up and coming shining star in the auto industry.  She loves beat-boxing and speaking pig latin. She has received multiple participation awards for just being there.



Deanna Kern
Finance Manager
603 448-8200

Deanna splits her time between Finance and Steam Punk. She feels that Tom Baker was the best Doctor. She is also the owner/operator of  The Kern Institute for Delinquent Donkeys.


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