There’s no reason to dread driving around Hanover, NH, when the weather gets icy if you’ve done a little winter vehicle preparation beforehand. The service team at Key Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lebanon is here to help you with engine inspections, tire and wiper blade installations, or any other genuine parts you need in order to have a safe winter driving season.

When it comes to successfully traversing any icy roads you find in the vicinity of Springfield, VT, you’ll need a set of tires that offers adequate traction. Whether you opt for a set of all-season tires or want to get a tire designed specifically for winter is a decision you can make with the help of your technician.

Winter tires offer the added benefit of remaining supple in freezing temperatures in addition to their more aggressive tread pattern. Both design features give them an edge in providing increased grip over other tire designs, perfect for days when the snow is piling high around Claremont, NH.

You can protect your vehicle’s paint from the worst effects of the weather with thorough washing and waxing. To protect the undercarriage from the destructive effects of sand and salt laid out on the roads around Newport, NH, you’ll want to have your technician apply a layer of undercoating. This protective coating will last all season long and help keep corrosive materials away from sensitive engine parts.

If you’ve spent winters near Lebanon, NH before, you’ll know how quickly a clean windshield can get drenched with dirty snow spraying from the tires of the vehicle ahead of you. A dirty windshield in the winter can be a huge safety hazard. You’ll want to have a pair of wiper blades installed to handle the worst weather and road debris that comes their way. Your technician can also top up your washer fluid, antifreeze, and any other engine fluids that are low.

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